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Beat Battle Season 8

This is SEASON 8 of the DIGGINSACK Beat Battles (Nr. 71 – Nr. 80)
It features the winner-beats and a selection of the other great participants. 


TAPE – Beat Battle

Compilation Vol. 4

Limited „Style Wars“ Cassette Edition  & Download
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Online Beat Battle Nr. 111

Download the sample, make a beat with it, upload your beat to soundcloud with the hashtag #DIGGINSACK and put it in the comments of the Facebook Group, send it via Instagram or send a Mail with the Link to digginsack (at) gmail.com!

DEADLINE: Sunday 31. October 2021 (11.59 pm Berlin GER Time)

📍 Use the sample in some way
📍 Beat: not longer than 2:20 minutes
📍 No COMPLETE Acapella on the beat

WINNER: As usual, the community (FB Group) picks the winner! The winner saves his spot on the „Beat Battle Season 12 Compilation“ on bandcamp and has the chance to be part of one the physical Digginsack Beat Battle Compilations. In addition, all participating producers may have the chance to release their beat with Looplife Records.

PS.: It’s not about the competition, it’s about the joy of Sampling!

LISTEN: https://youtu.be/xk6CuchAEP4
DOWNLOAD: https://bit.ly/digginsack-sample-111



www.facebook.com/groups/digginsack (Beat Battles) 

Do you have Digginsack?

This is a platform for beatmakers and producers who love the „Art of Sampling“.  With our regular beat battles and beat tapes releases (digital/physical) we give beatmakers from around the world the opportunity to represent theirself. Check it out and follow us.

Osive – Wienter (Beat Battle Compilation Vol. 1)

Beatmakers get the chance to get featured on the Digginsack Beat Tapes. Make sure you check out our releases:


„DIGGINSACK – The Art of Sampling“ started in September 2015 by Acoustic View a HipHop Producer from Berlin. The motivation was / is to create a platform for beatmakers where they can represent their skills. It is not about a bitter competition, but a chilling exchange among like-minded people and the fun of sampling.

View aka Acoustic View – Beatmaker & Head of „Digginsack – The Art of Sampling“

View aka Acoustic View – Beatmaker & Head of „Digginsack – The Art of Sampling“
The Beat Battles regularly take place in a closed Facebook Group. A sample is uploaded every two or three weeks that was previously chosen by the community. This sample then has to be processed in a beat and posted in the group in whatever form (mostly soundcloud). A Voting by Groupmembers then selects the „best“ beat. The winner wins a seat on the corresponding Beat Battle Season release and has the chance to be one of the physical Beat Battle compilations.

The group is growing steadily and every day new producers from all over the world are joining us. Currently there are around 1.700 beatmakers in the Group.

In addition to the online beat battles, Digginsack is also increasingly active in the LIVE sector. In 2019, beat makers, producers, beat nerds and hip hop fans gathered in Stellwerk Hamburg. A total of eight producers competed against each other. In the classic tournament system (preliminary round, semi-finals, final) the undisputed Beat Battle Champion was chosen. An expert four-person jury and the audience decided who took home the victory.

Together with the Tapefabrik Festival, Digginsack also organizes an annual beatmaker contest in which the winner (s) can play live on the Tapefabrik in front of around 4,000 hip-hop heads.

The „BeatSets“ format has been available on the Digginsack YouTube channel since 2020 and offers beatmakers the opportunity to present their producer skills here as well.

If you want to support the project, follow Digginsack on social media and let all beatmakers know about this project!


„DIGGINSACK – The Art of Sampling“ wurde im September 2015 von Acoustic View (HipHop Produzent – Berlin) ins Leben gerufen. Motivation war/ist es, eine Plattform für Beatmaker zu schaffen, auf der man sich und seine Skills präsentieren kann. Dabei geht nicht um einen verbitterten Wettstreit, sondern um einen gechillten Austausch unter Gleichgesinnten und den Spaß am Samplen.

In der FB Gruppe finden regelmäßig Beat Battles statt. Hierfür wird alle zwei bis drei Woche ein Sample hochgeladen, das zuvor von der Community ausgewählt wurde. Dieses Sample muss dann, in welcher Form auch immer, in einem Beat verarbeitet und in der Gruppe gepostet werden. Per Voting wird dann der „beste“ Beat gewählt. Der Gewinner sichert sich einen Platz auf der entsprechenden Beat Battle Season Veröffentlichung und hat die Chance auf einem der physischen Beat Battle Compilations zu laden.

Die Gruppe wächst stetig und jeden Tag kommen neue Produzenten aus aller Welt dazu. Momentan sind um die 1.700 Beatmaker in der Gruppe.

Zusätzlich zu den Online Beat Battles ist Digginsack auch zunehmend im LIVE Sektor unterwegs. So versammelten sich 2019 Beatmaker, Producer, Beatnerds und Hip Hop Fans im Stellwerk Hamburg. Insgesamt traten acht Producer gegeneinander an. Im klassischen Turniersystem (Vorrunde, Halbfinale, Finale) wurde der unangefochtene Beat Battle Champion gekürt. Eine fachkundige vierköpfige Jury und das Publikum entschieden, wer den Sieg mit nach Hause nahm.

Gemeinsam mit dem Tapefabrik Festival organisiert Digginsack außerdem jährlich einen Beatmaker Contests bei dem der oder die Gewinner Live auf der Tapefabrik vor rund 4.000 Hip Hop Heads spielen können.

Seit 2020 gibt es das Format „BeatSets“ auf dem Digginsack YouTube Kanal und bietet Beatmakern auch hier die Möglichkeit ihre Producer Skills zu präsentieren.

Wenn du das Projekt unterstützen möchtest, dann folge Digginsack auf Social Media und gib allen Beatmakern Bescheid.

www.facebook.com/groups/digginsack (Beat Battles)